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uVGAII overheating.

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  • uVGAII overheating.

    I have been working on a project for a while now and finally have the software and supporting hardware completed. After mounting this project in an enclosure, the Picaso chip (warmest thing in the box) seems to overheat and lock up or shutdown after about an hour. I mounted a small heat sink to it and now it runs fine when outside temp is 70F or less. When it gets to about 80F, it eventually shuts down. Resetting power and it fires back up for a while and shuts down again. If I leave the lid off of it, it runs fine no matter the temperature. If overheating a general problem on these things? This is for use in a car, so the ambient temps can get pretty high.


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    I have no idea how your box looks/works, but, in reality all heat from any electronic devive needs to be dissipitated somewhere otherwise the device will just keep getting hotter until it fails. The air will often get rid of enough heat, until you put the device in a sealed enclosure.

    Can you attach a photo of your enclusure.

    What is the batch number on the top of the Picaso?