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  • Custom fonts GFX2

    I've been reading lots of posts about custom fonts but have yet to find a simple answer to this question. Is it possible to save custom fonts to the raw partition on the uSD card? If so, how do you go about getting them on there and how do you access them?
    uVGA, GFX2, R27

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    Yes, it is possible.

    Unfortunately the documentation that shows how to do it is not up to scratch.

    It's on our list to do.


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      Well that's good news.
      I'm sure I could figure it out if knew the best approach.
      Is there any tools that might assist or is this something that must be created from scratch? Anybody done this that could point me in the right direction?


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        Here's some demos that show how to do it

        Ignore the 4dcompiler.exe, the one in workshop is more recent.

        The DemoUnicodefromFAT16 talks about 'Ariel20U.DAT' and 'Ariel20U.GCi', of course it should be Arial.

        Try the demos asis, there's no need for you to use Unicode, when you are doing your own take on the demos you can always use just the 'traditional' part of the characterset.


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          Thank you very much! This was everything I need. Tried the demos and they seem to work fine. The only issue I ran into was in this demo, "DemoUnicodeFromPartition", I had to comment out line - txt_FontID(Ihndl);
          The program would get to this line and hang with a blank screen. It does not return an error from - Ihndl := file_LoadImageControl("Arial20R.DAT", "", 2);
          It did work though, without using - txt_FontID(Ihndl); I never used the file_LoadImageControl command before. What exactly is the advantage to using this?
          Thank you again


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            have a look at all the img_ functions.

            I guess it has several worthwhile things.

            Handling multiple images in one file

            Enabling frame access to 'videos'. (4D-Visi uses this extensively to do meters, gauges etc.)

            Prociding a quick method to get the answer to 'what was touched'.

            Well they same tha major things tp me