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4DGL PmmC Release (R28) - PICASO-GFX2

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  • 4DGL PmmC Release (R28) - PICASO-GFX2

    R28 of the PICASO-GFX2 PmmCs has been released as of 19th February 2012. All the PmmC files are within the Zip folder attached. You can also find individual PmmCs from the relevant product page's "Downloads" tab.

    Please also check the Release notes attached here. Attached files (763.1 KB) PICASO-GFX2-ReleaseNotes-R28-final.txt (9.2 KB)

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    Function files to be replaced at ../Program Files/4D Labs/4D Workshop 3 IDE/INCLUDE. Replace these function files to be able to use the latest Math Functions.


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      uLCD-43PTGFX-R28a.pmmc (Non-Touch & Resistive Touch) released today.

      uLCD-43(GFX) (Non-Touch & Resistive Touch) display module users should refer to uLCD-43PTGFX-R28a.pmmc PmmC file.

      Please discard,
      "uLCD-43PTGFX-R28.pmmc" file in the ZIP folder attached in the first post.

      Revision Update:
      Touch was interfering with the Audio causing distorted Audio Output. Fixed.


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        With the release of 4D Workshop3 IDE Beta Rev on 29th of March 2012, User doesn't need to manually copy any function files. The release has all the latest feature, functions and files.


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          Please find attached the sample Programs to test the following functions added to the R28 PmmCs.
          umul_1616("&res32", "val1", "val2")
          uadd_3232("&res32", "&val1", "&val2")
          usub_3232("&res32", "&val1", "&val2")
          ucmp_3232("&val1", "&val2")
          Attached files LeftMidRight.4dg (14 KB) mat32.4dg (1.5 KB) mat32builtin.4dg (1.9 KB) umul_1616.4dg (171 B)