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uLCD 24PT (SGC) - not responding to autoboard

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  • uLCD 24PT (SGC) - not responding to autoboard

    Hi, I have replaced an uOLED-128 (SGC) with a uLCD 24PT (SGC). As before I have created a new socket for it to plug in and verified that RX,TX GND, 5V and RESET are connected.
    Other than resetting the board and getting the splashscreen from the SGC controller it will not respond to the autoboard. I get nothing. I have double checked and the TX and RX are correct and on the off chance I did try them the other way. If I plug back in my OLED board it is still working correctly.
    Is there any difference that I have missed, shouldn't it respond in the same way, I was just expecting my graphics to be small in the top left but I get nothing at all. I don't have a suitable USB-TTL device to check the firmware with I just get the splashscreen the GFX and SGC boxes on the back of the display are blank - so is there any way to determine if the thing even has the correct firmware?
    I am mostly confused because the other board when swapped is working correctly. I've even tried slowing the serial to 9600 and making my startup time really long. Which coincidentally is required as it needs the first command to be 9600bps when it has just been reset according to the notes. Are there any other differences between the goldilocks and the picass I need to watch out for?


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    If you get a color splash screen you have SGC, if you get a small 'green' splash screen that disappears after a few seconds then you have GFX.

    Are you still having problems (I'm confused by the 'I made a mistake' in another of your posts)?

    Wait until you can see the splash screen and then send the autobaud at 9600, do you get an ACK?