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Help with GC and uOLED-32028-PMD3T

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  • Help with GC and uOLED-32028-PMD3T

    Hi All,

    Just started playing with my uOLED-32028-PMD3T / uUSB-CE5 combo, but I am having a tough time getting the GC to reliably detect the display.

    I installed the latest drivers from the FTDI (2.02.04), and I am set up on COM5, 9600, 8, N, 1, No hardware HS.

    When I run GC (,
    A) Select Device Info
    B) I get uLCD,240,320, HW rev=12, SW Rev 12, PmmC Rev 2
    C) Click the OK button, the Display resets
    D) Select Device Info again
    E) The display resets, I see 12 red pulses on the USB module. Corresponding to each pulse I just see "4D Systems (c) 2007" along the bottom of the display, the rest of the boot screen does not appear
    F) Click OK, display resets again. After a few, seconds, boot screen shows up.

    If I Close GC and Run docklight,
    G) Open Comms (Device resets)
    H) Autobaud - Get F0 back
    I) Autobaud again - Get ACK
    J) Version - Get 00 12 12 24 32
    K) Version again (40 Times) - Works every time
    L) Draw circles, etc works fine
    M) Close Comms - Display Resets (main page)

    Run GC again:
    N) Device info - Works first shot again.....

    I can bust out the Oscope, but not until this weekend..... I am hoping it is just a configuration problem? Just a thought......What is the default baud rate for the display when it powers up? If I set my port settings to that, perhaps I'll have fewer problems......

    Thanks for any help you guys can offer.....
    Best Regards,

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    See Cross Post and reply here:

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      Okay, I've followed the user manual and no matter what; when I select device info...I get nothing.

      I have the uOLED-32024-PMD3C and the GC v2.0.0.6 installed.

      MS .NET is installed

      I'm using the uUSB-CE5 with the drivers installed, device manager displays it as working properly. I'm selecting the correct COM port.

      I thought this was just a driver problem with the GC and PMD3C, however someone else seems to have it working.

      That clearly points the problem at me. Does anyone have any suggestions, is there something I'm clearly missing?




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        Hi John,

        Do you see the led on the CE5 blinking? This at least will let you know if data is making it to the CE5 board......

        Do you have hardware handshaking turned off?

        Can you get it to run at all without graphics composer? I would try running docklight ( and communicating manually, if you haven't done so already. Don't forget that the first command you issue should be Autobaud to get the display to sync to your serial port speed.....

        I'm no expert, I just got my display myself, apparently there is an issue with the display code...... But at least I can play around a bit with the display using docklight......
        Best Regards,