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Regarding GPS Communication problems

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  • Regarding GPS Communication problems

    In my last topic, I coudn't seem to get my GPS module to work. Here are the steps I took to solve the problem hope it may help you to. (garbage data)

    1. Tested com ports on the microprocesser; connected com0 to com1 sent data.

    2. Found error in pdf of GPS module stating default baud 9600 it is 4800 baud

    3. Connected the GPS module directly to µUSB-CE5 to usb of laptop checked with hyperterminal if I could see some data = yes.

    4. Connected my oscilloscope to the data line of GPS ( GPS module placed back on my PCB ) Saw that the data looked like a saw tooth waveform. Solution Data line to close to the 12v input.

    Personal note: Should of used my scope first !!!