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Fun with Timers Final Release

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  • Fun with Timers Final Release

    Fun with Timers Final Release

    The update that is included in this release is as follows:

    Added a routine that will verify if a client is already assigned to a timer. If so, and the timer is not equal to zero. The timer will be set to zero. So that the same client can use the same timer and not another timer. It is now bullet proof. The timer routine has the following ;

    1. Setup as many timers as you need, as long as you are not using more than 8 at a time.

    2. Will automatically select the first free timer.

    3. If same client requests a second timer before the first request times out, the first timer will be reset to 0.

    4. Only need to send 2 variables to set a timer.

    5. Add detailed description in the program.

    Attached files Timer7.4dg (4.4 KB)