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Best way to communicate with an Arduino MEGA 2560

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  • Best way to communicate with an Arduino MEGA 2560

    So we are doing a project where the PICASO µ-VGA II (GFX) must get an input from the Arduino MEGA 2560. I have the Arduino sending out a constant stream of data on the Tx port, which is wired to the Rx port on the PICASO. I also have the Rx port on the Arduino wired to the Tx port on the PICASO, as it should be.

    So I am sending the data ("Hello world!") using the Println() function.

    Serial.println("Hello world!");

    Over and over again with some delay in between each.

    First, I tried with the sample code here in the codebase, but that gave me no data response on the screen at all, just the first few print statements ran, then nothing. Then I tried making my own test program to simply read the characters and display them on the screen, but I just keep getting the decimal 10 showing, no changes or anything.

    For the test program, I used the serin() function.

    So, what is the best way to do this. I really only need to send an integer (between 0 and 255) from the Arduino to the PICASO once every 50ms or so. What pins would I connect and what code would I use to get the data off the pins on the PICASO? Assume I just have the Arduino sending a random number between 0 and 255 for now.


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    The sample code should work just fine.

    Can you show how you have your arduino mega connected to the display?


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      Arduino Mega isn't connected to display.

      I have the Arduino wired like this: Tx0 and Rx0 connected to J2 pin 6 (Rx1) and pin 7 (Tx1) on the µ-VGA II, respectively.

      The µ-VGA II is then connected to a monitor through the standard 15 pin VGA connector.

      I will upload source code for both and screen shots soon...


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        We couldn't get the serial communication to work, but the parallel bus works fine!