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If I have too much source code, my images disappear

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  • If I have too much source code, my images disappear

    I have a pretty complex 4DGL program running on my uLCD-43PT(GFX). The compiler indicates the code size is about 9200 bytes out of a 15360 available. Once I start exceeding 9200 or so, and I compile to flash, none of my images are visible. It's like they don't load. The program still runs, but there are no images (buttons, image text, etc.). If I comment out any good chunk of code and get the code size down less than 9000, the images will appear. It doesn't matter which section of code I comment. It appears to be tied to the SIZE of the source code being compiled.
    If anyone could help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Check the return code from file_LoadImageControl, there is probably not enough memory left to load it.

    Try using

    #MODE RUNFLASHto run the program from flash and not ram

    Depending upon how close you are to 'the end' you may want to look at splitting your ptogram up into smaller programs


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      Thank you for your quick response. I put in the #MODE RUNFLASH. That solved the problem. My program is compiling at 10629 bytes and I am seeing my images. So that's great.
      Is there a negative/drawback to running from Flash? If not, I'll continue with that approach.


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        Running from flash will be slower, if you don't notice that, there's no drawback