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  • Dislaying JPEG

    Hi there. I am writing a program in labview to take a picture in JPEG format. I have managed to receive all of the data and i just want to initialy view the picture after saving it to a file. I have removed the 6 bytes from each package to leave just the image data, but my question is this. Can i just save these hex values i have received in notepad say as a jpeg file to view the picture? Do i need some sort of header file as well? I do not have a lot of experience in this field as you can probably tell :-S

    Thanks in advance

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    Once you get rid of the 'housekeeping' everything else is all that you need to create a jpeg, the headers are included.

    I doubt that youcan save it using notepad, there are lot of 0x00s and things in there that notepad will not know how to treat, the best thing to do is just write it to a (binary) file.