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Solved: uLCD white flash between programs?

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  • Solved: uLCD white flash between programs?

    Is there any way to stop the screen from flashing white when running a program with the file_Run() command? I have some .4xe programs that will run without the flash but I haven't been able to figure out what the reason is.
    Currently using a uLCD28 but have seen the same flash in the uLCD43 and uLCD32 while the uOLED28 I have never does this.
    Edit: scratch that, after a lot of head scratching I found out I was calling the gfx_Contrast function because I was using my programs on my uOLED screen. I figured it would just be ignored in the uLCD screens. Turns out it causes a really annoying white flash. (Would be nice to see this fixed in future firmware versions if possible).

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    hmm, just thinking about what you say, -

    any chance of whipping up a quick demo to show the problem up?

    Will be fixed in future PmmC's once understood.


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      Yeah, I thought it was the switching between programs that was causing it but it turned out I forgot I was just using gfx_Contrast on all my programs.
      This code makes a uLCD screen flash every second.

      HTML Code:
      #platform "uLCD-28PT_GFX2"
      func main()
      gfx_Contrast(9); //Values 1-9 in the gfx_Contrast command cause the flash in LCD modules
      I'm using the same program in OLED and LCD modules and loading the .4xe files on the sdcard, if you can fix this I won't have to compile a whole different set of files between the two types of screens, which would be nice.