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uLCD-32PT, touch buttons not aligned

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  • uLCD-32PT, touch buttons not aligned

    Using the KBButtons example from the 4dVisi.

    The top right and bottom right buttons very often highlight the one below in the case of the TR (PMMC) button, and the one above in the case of the BR (puppy) button.

    This happens on the R25 and latest R28 firmware.

    My actual code is 3 buttons along the botton of the screen in portrait mode.

    Left button works, Middle button hot spot if very near left edge, Right button never works, very similar hot spots to KbButtons or KBMultiForms.

    Alec Davis

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    I suspect that would be caused by the touch calibration being out.

    Run the program here and see if it fixes things


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      Tried TouchCal.

      Now using the TouchCal draw(see attached picture), drawing horizontal across with a ruler from the first target (left to right) gives an aprox 30 degree line going down.

      Drawing from the 2nd target, from right to left again using a ruler, gives a 30 degree line going down, it's runs off the screen by about half way across.

      Drawing a horizintal line from the center, across the 'Exit' finishes up with horizontal line 25% (~10mm on the 3.2" display") lower than the middle.

      At least it's straight.

      Drawing vertical lines from any of the targets are vertical, except they accelerate ahead of the sytlus.


      Edit: Attached 29032012(005).jpg Photo after calibrate, drawing from horizontally and vertically from the 3 targets, "1st, 2nd, and exit".

      Hope this better explains it.


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        Anybody else able to verify this, or do I have a faulty display?

        Or is the issue being worked on by engineering?


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          Looks like a faulty display. Contact Support at 4dsystems dot com dot au