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brighter uLCD-43?

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  • brighter uLCD-43?

    I'm pretty sure of the answer but I'll ask anyway, Are there any plans to make an OLED version of the 43 or switch to a different LCD with a brighter backlight? are there any pin compatible screens out there with brighter LEDs? I suppose the resistors in the FAN5333B circuit could be changed a bit. I know this would probably sacrifice some of the life of the display. Also, are there any data sheets on the display used in the 43? or does anyone have any data on the lifetime of the display as is?

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    CMEL used to make a variety of AMOLED sizes, including a 4.3", however they've stopped all production over a year ago. I'm not sure if you've ever seen an AMOLED in action, superb quality. Unfortunately there are no 4.3" or larger sizes of AMOLEDs available for the OEM market anymore (not unless you're one of the giant phone companies), so the answer is NO.

    The 4.3" LCD happens to be one of the only displays that has a 40 pin interface which most of the manufacturers adhere to. You may even find a display that is transflective, for out-door applications. This type would be your best bet for maximum brightness. Contact tech support and they'll email you the 4.3" display data sheet (we should have this available for download soon).