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  • Display Image/Icon from Memory Card

    Hi all,

    I have used the graphics composer and downloaded a few images into the uMMC card ( I used the 320 pmd2 uLCD) . I have successfully displayed each of these images on separate occasions on the LCD and they look beautiful.

    My problem is that after the first "Display Image/Icon from Memory Card" command, it displays and gives me an ACK. Subsequently, all commands from the "General command set" work with an ACK. However, I cannot get another "Display Image/Icon from Memory Card" command to work. I do not get a ACK or an NACK. Please help.
    >>> I might add that even when I use the graphics composer software and create a "slide show" (I put the jumper on at the back of the LCD), it doesnt work. It just shows the first image and gets stuck there. I wonder whats going on. I'll post this on the graphics composer forum too.

    Thanks in advance!