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  • New uLCD-32PT

    I have a new uLCD-32PT but the box doesn't have either the SGC or the GFX options ticked, and the board doesn't say on it.

    When connected to 5v and Gnd the board displays a numeric touchpad in light blue and yellow. Does this indicate whether it's setup for SGC or GFX?

    If not how can I tell please?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The numeric keypad demo represents the 'GFX' configuration. What did you originally order?


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      I thought from what the site said that it was the SGC version that was order.

      Thanks for clearing that up. I've just ordered a uUSB-MB5 USB to RS-232 bridge converter to allow me to reprogram it. Bit of a pain - I'm over budget on what I had planned now but having spent an age fitting the screen into an enclosure it's more trouble to return it to Cool Components for exchange.


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        Chris,All modules are shipped from the factory with the SGC PmmC, unless the distributors/customers ask for GFX. I'm not sure what's gone wrong with your order, it's gone through several distribution chains. We'll look in to this and prevent any future mishaps. Apologies for the inconvenience.


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          It's a shame really that we cannot flash the PmmC from a file on the microsd card.

          Does the VGA connector card have two versions too? I'll be ordering one of those in a couple of weeks (I hope).


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            The uVGA II also comes in two versions.