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Operation speed of UVGA II

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  • Operation speed of UVGA II

    Can the UVGA II running in GFX2 mode read the 8-bit bus at 15.75 khz ?

    I want to try to sample the video signal from another 2-bit RGB source (2 bits per component) and produce a new signal in real time of the existing source video but with added features.

    If the uVGA can keep up at this rate I plan to try to use the other IO signals to sync with VSYNC and HSYNC if needed (of my source video).

    Not only would this make a video digitizer possible but perhaps a real time video enhancer. But I'm having my doubts about the 4DGL engine being able to keep up.

    I see a lot of VGA simulators on the web and it seems like a fairly easy thing to do IF the processor can run fast enough.

    I want to be able to store the incoming video sample to the uVGA video screen in real time, but in all my examples of writing to the screen it seems to be a slow process. You can literally see graphics being drawn which wouldn't go over well in my example.
    Roger Taylor