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How to programm uLCD-144 for PIC controller

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  • How to programm uLCD-144 for PIC controller

    Sorry for basic question, but how do I send characters to uLCD-144 from PIC controller over serial? I believe this is newbie question but I cannot find docs how to do it with MCU's - only from PC. Do I need special library? I am using MPLab/CCS-C with PIC MCU'S.
    I do not need any graphics, only numbers and letters in large font.
    Can anyone help me start to right direction?
    I am completely new to this module.
    Any help appreciated.

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    You do it the same way you would from a PC just use the serial port.

    Chapter 1 (Host interface) of the 'GOLDELOX-SGC Command Set' describes all you should need to know to get started.

    FAT Controller can 'demonstrate' the commands and their responses.

    Can you describe more fully exactly what problem you are having?


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      45hex will not clear screen


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        So, you've sent the Autobaud and gotten the ACK back?

        And you are saying you are sending 45hex (ASCII E, 0x45 in C Putch 'syntax') and the screen is not clearing?


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          That is correct. I send U, then V, then E to clear screen, then 123, then E then 359...
          All works except E... I am getting new characters written on top of prev. ones.
          I do 1 sec delays between commands


          Will not clear as well as printf("%s","E");


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            You should always wait for the ACK, if you don't anything could happen.

            Also, the ACK gives you a bit of confidence that you have sent the correct command, with the correct number of parameters. If you send the incorrect command, and/or an incorrect number of parameters and/or if you send when the display is 'busy' the display will get very confused.

            Of course, for the commands you are doing a 1 sec delay should be adequate, provided that it really is 1 sec and you really are sending the 'correct' commands.


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              It is 1 sec and clearing screen does not require additional command per spec. What is estimated execution time for E?


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                .... clearing screen does not require additional command per spec.

                You miss my point, see this post

                What is estimated execution time for E?
                I don't have your exact display to hand, but I would estimate no more than 30ms

                Also there are two different PmmCs for the uLCD-144, have you got the correct one loaded?


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                  I am using preloaded, out of the box module. I did not load anything new.


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                    Some of our distributors 'upgrade' stock when a new PmmC release comes out, they may have loaded the wrong one, not sure.

                    Anyway, what happens when you use FAT Controller to exercise the display, does it Erase correctly then?


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                      I ordered directly from 4d, please check image for device information.
                      Attached files