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64bit Windows 7 problems

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  • 64bit Windows 7 problems

    Hey, I am using a 64bit version of windows 7 and this program does not function correctly. When I try to compile the gci I get this:
    First, A box that says 'error'
    Then, Another box that says 'range check error'
    I had previously gotten an error that said 'read address violation in gc.exe' and it had some addresses, however I haven't been able to get that error again to get the addresses.
    Any updates planned for 64bit OS's?
    Edit: I tried on my 32bit computer and I got this error:
    Access violation at address 00554C15 in module 'gc.exe'. Read of address 0A6C0002.
    This is a ~90MB picture that I am trying to compile and tile into 64x64 px squares.
    Edit2: I got the file size down to around 6MB (different image format and highly compressed) and it still won't work. I'm thinking it has something to do with the pixel size? This picture is 6400x6480px.

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    Yeah, as I said in the other post it's a windows limitation related to the total size of the image


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      Can you point me to that image (or maybe try and email it).

      When I last visited this issue 'huge' images were a bit hard to find