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microOLED-128-G1 Dead Screen?

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  • microOLED-128-G1 Dead Screen?

    I bought 3 of the microOLED -128-G1, one never started up so I sent it back to the place where I got it from to be replaced. One worked fine and is still working fine, and the last one was working fine till it started showing the images with all sort of lines on them and after a few minutes just died! I am using it serially by the way.
    What could have caused this to happen?
    I have started going through the forum page by page to find a solution before I post here, all I can find is alot of problems with these OLEDs. Everyone is saying they're not reliable? I am planning on using these for permanent projects and if they're not reliable enough, there won't be any point.
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Well, if you maintain excessively bright images on them for a long period of time, they will wear out pretty quickly.

    Other than that I'm not sure why you appear to have a bad run.

    Also not sure why you find "all I can find is alot of problems with these OLEDs" guess if that's what you search for that''s what you will find

    If I seeach on unreliable I get 5 hits, if I search on fantastic I get 19 hits. We leave everything here, warts and all in the hope it will help someone.


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      So we need to run anything but white colour on them? Where does it mention this, so people would know? How many runs till they die if bright images are shown on them?


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        In the section entitled "OLED Screen Precautions" in the datasheet (section 6 or 7 depending upon GFX or SGC) you will find it is pretty well covered