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4D Workshop3 IDE (GOLDELOX ViSi + PICASO ViSi) Test Release

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  • 4D Workshop3 IDE (GOLDELOX ViSi + PICASO ViSi) Test Release

    4D Workshop3 IDE, which incorporates the latest Software Tool 4D-ViSi from 4D Systems, has been upgraded to support GOLDELOX-GFX2 based Display Modules in the 4D Workshop3 IDE Rev 4D ViSi now supports PICASO-GFX2 as well as GOLDELOX-GFX2 based modules.

    4D-Visi is the perfect software tool that allows the user to see instant representation of their desired graphical layout for a 4D display module. 4D- ViSi has a selection of inbuilt dials, gauges and meters that can simply be dragged and dropped onto the simulated module display allowing the user to easily layout their design. Without needing to download the application code every time to see a change, each item has properties that can be edited and on the click of a button, all relevant code is produced in the user program.

    4D-ViSi reduces the amount of application development time, by reducing the ground work normally required to be carried out by the user. All that is required now from the programming side; is user development to control ‘how’ the application will interact with input and output; not ‘what’ it will look like.

    Note: Rev3.3.0.5 is still a trial version to acquire valuable feedback from users on 4D ViSi support, extended to the GOLDELOX-GFX2 based Display Modules.

    Note:- The 'old' '4D-Visi' folder will remain due to 'rules' surrounding the updating of public folders. It's new name is 'Picaso 4D-VISI' so please move anything you want to save into the new folder and delete the old one.