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  • Control step motors

    Hi, I buy a few month ago the ulcd-32pt for my project. I want to put the touch screen on a eggbot(machine with two motors draw on egg, glass) to go where I want with the device. I don't have any progammer skill and the eggbot run with incscape.

    Some help will be great!

    Best regards.

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    I am also looking at control of stepper motors, i want to use 4 motors controlled via a Quad drive board to adjust the suspension adjustment knobs on a car, but unfortunately it needs 6 logic level inputs to control, and im already using 2 on the VGAII unless those above 8 can be used as logic levels (the documentation isnt clear on this)

    To control 2 stepper motors you could drive a simple L298N dual H bridge circuit


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      When you say the documentation is unclear, do you mean can each of the 'bus' pins be used individually? The answer is yes.


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        Hi yes, it seemed from reading as if the upper 8 were for bus only and couldnt be configured as GPIO like the lower pins.

        Although, after some hunting around, i did find a stepper motor control board that uses ic2 as input which means it can be easily driven by the VGAII, and if you need to control more than 2 stepper motors, additional boards can be chained