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  • Copy Display to Screen

    This seems like such an obvious thing that if it's a real problem, someone else would have noticed it before. Running with uOLED-96-G1(SGC) and 4D Programming Cable.
    On the "Tests" tab, "Copy Screen to Display" works perfectly. "Copy Display to Screen" does something weird -- it almost looks like it has the screen aspect ratio backwards, so that it copies two 96 pixel lines of data into three 64 pixel lines. In an case, the data is only loaded into the left-hand square area of the on-screen image, so I can't collect an image created on the device and save it to a BMP, for example.
    An easy test for this: I have an full-screen image (96x64) that I loaded at sector 0x20000. I can run Raw SD: Copy Memory Card to Screen, and it shows up great (on the device). Then I run Copy Display to Screen and get weirdness. If I follow up with Copy Screen to Display, the weirdness is now duplicated on the display.
    Am I just missing a setting somewhere?
    Greg nelson

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    That button mustn't be a big ticket item

    I presume most people must do it a different way (it's easy on Picaso another way, but not so easy on Goldelox)

    I've emailed you a 'fixed' FAT Controller