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    Good afternoon all..!

    I was wordering if there might be a way to create an interupt from a input pin and run a service function. Doing so would allow the 8 bit buss pins to retreve data from a normal parallel buss just like other LCD display units.

    Keep up the good work 4D..!!

    "Questing the Killer 4D App"

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    Hi John,

    If I get the gist of what you are saying, you are meaning a way of buffering incoming data on the parallel bus
    in a similar fashion to using buffered serial approach to gather commands from a master then process them in a user function

    Are you thinking along the lines of emulating something like a dual line 16 char LCD display?

    Unfortunately it would not be possible as there is no interrupts available on any of the bus control pins, and polling could not guarantee getting a 'WR' signal..

    If you really needed to go parallel, it would be possible to use a cheap microcontroller
    as a parrallel interface to serial converter


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      Good morning Dave..!

      Yes, using another MPU would do it, and the the exsisting display module at work allready does the work of translating the incoming Rs-485 data streem, (wich is the 9-bit address node type of protocall), but the firmware guys at work arn't to keen about changing it. I was hoping to just capture the data on the 8-bit buss and emulate the now existing 2x20 LCD display they are currently using. I know this would require changing the PmmC files and wanted to ask if that's possable. Maybe for the Diablo MPU ?

      "Questing the Killer 4D App"


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        Ahhh yes. We keep looking at the 2x20 (and 2x16) displays and wonder why people still use them.

        The world seems to have headed down the serial path (USB et al), but these multi-wire dinosaurs still get used.

        We can't do it with existing Picaso, but we keep thinking about revisiting it, as you say, maybe in a later release of Diablo.

        Part of the problem is, of course, if the firmware guys aren't keen about changing it, how do you really step up from the limitations of 2x20 and embrace the functionality of 320x240x64k colors?


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          Yes Sir...

          I agree completly.. I am just trying to somehow intagrate one of your awsome devices into an already existing operator interface panel in one of the existing products here at Bitrode Corp. If I can get a good demo going for the engineer guys, I think they might consider using them in the furture...

          I guess I will just have to "man-up" and grab the PIC MPU code and try changing it myself..!!

          Thanks for your time..!

          Keep Rockin 4D..!
          "Questing the Killer 4D App"