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Copy memmory card to screen no response

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    I don't understand ,, how i can create file .4dScrpObj and in the part of my code ,, which part that i should to edit for without run from computer ,, please tell detail to me


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      'Environment Run' means that the 4Dsl Script is going to be run from a computer, and it needs to be, as some of the commands valid in that environment are not valid for 'Environment Compile'. For example $openinit is only valid for Run as it opens the com port on the PC and sends autobaud to the display, such a command makes no sense to have on a program running from the uSD card. Similarly with ReadSector, what can a program running of a uSD card possibly do with a sector?

      When you change the Environment to 'Compile' and remove or comment out the invalid statements and click compile, the 'Object' or 'executable' of your program will be created in the same folder as the .4dScript source code. That .4DScrpObj is what needs to be copied to the uSD card and renamed.


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        I can do it already .. thanks for your advise