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Range check error in FontTool

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  • Range check error in FontTool


    I'm trying to write a *.GCI file with FontTool version After I adjust the characters, I'm able to export and successfully use the font (in code with #inherit, changing *.inc to *.fnt, etc.) using these options:
    - Pages: Current
    - Save as type: 4DGL include, C style header and 4D fontfile
    - Output format: 1 (2 also works)

    However, when attempting to save the same characters but with Save as Type = GCI Font File (so the font can be put on the uSD), I get a dialog saying "Range check error". The application hangs after x'ing out of the dialog.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Can you give a bit more information about the font, its size, what the current page is and anything else I might need to know to recreate it?


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      Here are some details. Note that this is just a quick trial.

      In FontTool
      - Font: Tohoma
      - Block: Traditional
      - Characters: 0 to 9
      - Font Size: Height = 20 (the corresponding Font Size Width is 13)
      - Page = 1 (of 1 pages)
      - After manipulating each character, their actual size is 5 wide by 8 high
      - I've attached a screen shot of a typical character.

      In the Export Options Dialog
      - Pages = Current
      - First Character = 48
      - Number Characters = 10
      - Width = 12
      - Height = 14
      - Save as Type = GCI Font File (saving as any of the other file types works)
      - I save the file to the 4D Workshop 3 IDE/INCLUDE folder (I started the app with Run as Administrator)
      - Clicking OK brings up a dialog saying "Range check error." The app hangs when x'ing out of the error dialog.
      - I've attached screen shots of Export options and the error.

      Thanks for you help. Please let me know if you need more details.

      Attached files


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        Font Tool wasn't written to enable GCI fonts to be 'subsets', after all it just takes up space on uSD (The size on uSD does not affect the memory used on the display to display the font).

        Just export it the way you have been without specifying 'First Character' or 'Number of Characters'


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          That works perfect! Thanks again for your help.