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    Hello everybody.I bought a ulcd-144-sgc, and I am interfacing it with a simple 16F84. By the time being, I have set the autobaud rate correctly, and then sent a text to the display, wich was correctly displayed. I have used a 2 seconds delay between intructions, and it seems to work correctly. Now I pretend to receive data from the display. The question is...Does the tx pin from the display work in the same way as the rx pin?I mean, does it use exactly the same protocol with a start and stop bits between bytes?Thanks for the help
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    I suppose i have to make the pic wait for a start condition from the display, and then in the same baud rate as initially stablished, read the bytes, until the display sends a stop condition, and so on, until the last byte is transmitted. is that right?
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      Gee, dunno why you'd be using a 16F84 anymore but, yeah you'd need to do all of that.

      Aren't there serial libraries available that you can take advantage of?


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        Thanks for your reply.

        The reason for using a 16F84 is that this pic is ok for my project. Maybe it is a little bit old fashioned, but i use to work with it, and it is simple, fast and reliable.

        I am used also to work with mpasm, i have no idea about any other programming languages.

        In the case the protocol used by the ulcd-144-sgc, is the same for the tx and rx lines, then the pic will be able to receive the data i need.

        I don't use others libraries because making my own code is a good challenge, and i like it.

        thank you for your help
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