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Double Response to '0x55' autobaud command

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  • Double Response to '0x55' autobaud command

    I have been getting a double response when I send the uOLED-160-G1 a autobaud command(0x55). I get the expected ACK followed by a NACK. I am using a MC9S12EXP100 chip running at 12MHz, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, 1 start bit, 9600 baud. I have both the tx and rx lines on the scope. I see only the 0x55 on the tx line so I don't think I am sending anything extra before or after the command. The response looks like it is at a baud of 60 is that normal? Thanks.

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    Goldelox will lock in and respond at the baud rate that you send the autobaud at.

    If you are only sending one Autobaud you should only receive one ACK at the same baud rate you sent the Autobaud at.

    Check what you are sending carefully.

    If you still can't figure it out post the scope pic.


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      I found that when the TX is enabled there is an 0x00 written out on the line I didn't see. It looks like I get an ACK back for that and then when the autobaud command goes out I get the NACK. So to get around that causing issues with the autobaud cmd, I hold the reset line low until after the SCI is set up and TX is enabled.