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    Hi Guys Iâm Will from Dublin, Ireland ( but originally Welsh ).

    I am an active member of Beoir ( the Irish craft brewing association; ) Recently we have become aware of some Australian activity in the brewing equipment fields ( see here: )

    Now he is using an Arduino and a simple LCD display and some push buttons.

    After aâ techy bootstraping processâ I have found 4DSystems. I like the look of the displays and the available support/software so want to build one in to my brewing system. I am also developing the Laagering system where beer in a fridge runs through a heating/cooling timeline for about 7 or 8 weeks. If you save so much on 5 gallons of beer you might as well have a sexy display/user i/f!!

    So I would like to use a 3.2 or 4.3 display as the main display and user i/f ( not necessarily as the controller â thatâs running on the Arduino â well so far any way )

    So I can either use the SGC mode as a display/user i/f


    GFX mode where the display effectively polls the Arduino for inputs ( time and temp ) and sends back user inputs ( button press )

    Any comments so far?

    Any one done it?



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    Welcome to the 4D arena.
    The project that you are proposing sounds to be a good one and I'm pretty sure that you will find some good examples. You can look at going either way with either SGC or GFX - the displays can be flashed to do either. Since you are looking at a process that is not a real time process ( not to processor intensive) and if you are comfortable with the Arduino then the SGC might be the way to go. There is a great library here in the forums for the Arduino and SGC mode. If you go with the GFX then you will have a bit of a learning curve with the GFX language (not to much different than C).

    Keep us posted on the process.