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color copy/paste functionality

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  • color copy/paste functionality

    How about copy/paste color values in design mode (Object inspector - properties window) or at least manual entry of color codes?
    It's impossible to tune colors without this feature. Please Help!

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    Hmm, yeah, the only way you can, sort of, do that at the moment is by noting the RGB color values and reentering them.

    Not allowing color values to be done manual was to prevent invalid colors.

    Need to put some thought into a better way


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      And please, change (fix) the way the color picker panel auto-selects color when opened.

      Normally it would set the color you currently select to edit, but now it sets the last color you edited. That means, you can't get to know what color values are set in actual color and use even your suggested workaround.
      Actually, when you first start the program (Workshop IDE) everything is correctly until you change some color in color picker window. Then it always memorizes the last edited color not actual selected color.

      Thank You!


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        Actually it's seems to be a bit more complicated than that.

        The color 'lists', the color 'box' and the HSL + RGB settings are set to the 'current' color, but the 'Color Picker' stays set to the previously set color.

        If you have used a 'standard' color you just need to click on it to reset the 'Color Picker', otherwise you have to do a 'null' change to each of the RGB values (i.e. easiest way seems to be to add a space after each value)

        Thanks for letting us know, we'll get that fixed