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Strange selection behavior.

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  • Strange selection behavior.

    This has been bugging me for awhile, but I've finally got it somewhat repeatable.

    Type any character then try to select by clicking and dragging. The page seems to scroll up 20-30 lines and you end up selecting unintended areas.

    Note: This is fairly repeatable, but not always. Seems to depend on where you are in the file. Haven't had this work on smaller files [

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    Sorry, can't get it to happen atm.

    So, a single character, on a line by itself?
    How do you selectit with the mouse, L-R or R-L?


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      I open this file, collapse everything, then it seems to be most consistent above line 500 and right after collapsing everything. (It does happen on other files too this is just one that's long enough to make it work)

      I type a single character, then attempt to select with the mouse. I think it happens when I try to select up a line, not when I select left or right on one line.

      I'm using windows 7 64 bit and Workshop version Attached files mapMenu.4dg (10.7 KB)


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        OK, can kind of see it now, only when collapsed and when selecting up.

        Doesn't look easy to find, we'll have a go


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          Yeah, I've had it happen a lot, just always seemed random. It mostly happens to me when I'm working on stuff and I have a few functions expanded.