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my new uOLED - not sure if is working ok

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  • my new uOLED - not sure if is working ok

    I just received new uOLED 128 G1 module from
    I'm quite much disappointed of what I've got.

    First of all on display wires film, there is small sliver metal thing which gets really hot when module is powered. Is this ok?

    Another issue I found is horizontal ghosting.

    Could it be that module is damaged or its quality is meant to be so poor?


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    Ummm, you aren't driving the display as predominantly white are you?

    You aren't supposed to do that with OLEDs.


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      50% Gray on average.
      From your answer, I guess it is like it meant to be.

      Now I'm bit confused about my upgrade / downgrade from uLCD144 to uOLED128.


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        They are different.

        Funny thing is a lot of people 'prefer' the OLEDs.

        Obviously some things written for LCDs need changes to work with OLEDs.

        Maybe you can get a 'hint' of whether you are too 'bright' by measuring the current your OLED is drawing.

        Another thing to try is lowering the contrast on the OLED, it might give you a quick result.


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          Thanks for the hints,
          Maybe indeed it is not that bad, but needs only some changes. First thing I'm going to try is naive inverting colors B/W.

          Reducing contrast makes things even worse, display shows horizontal lines pattern, looks flickery any anoying.

          I tried to make a photo of app running on uOLED using my cellphone camera but it captures multiplexer refresh reates too havily - that's why no pic attached.