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LCD startup problem

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  • LCD startup problem

    I'm new to this forum. I have a problem with a uLCD-32PT(SGC) I bought recently. I can not get it to work.

    The documentation says I have to wait more then 500mS after reset and then send the hex55 command at 9600 baud. I do so but I get no ack or nack answer. I checked with oscilloscope that the LCD receives hex55 at 9600 b/s.

    The strange thing is that I sometimes see a nack (hex15) coming from the LCD at 115200 b/s!. It does this when applying power and when I send a lot of hex55 to it during the first few hundred mS or so.

    Another strange thing is that the display comes up with a test window after a fraction of a second. With buttons like: circle, triangle, rectangle etc. Pressing such a button does not change the window (only a short flash sometimes).
    The documentation says that there should be some logo after 5 seconds.
    Do I have wrong software installed on this LCD?

    I hope someone can help, because I'm stuck.

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    Looks like your display has the GFX PmmC installed.

    You need to download and install the correct SGC PmmC


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      I programmed another PmmC file into the LCD. Now it works!