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connect to host using UM232H module

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  • connect to host using UM232H module

    I need to program a new pmmc file into my uLCD-32PT(SGC)
    I tried to use a UM232H module to connect to the host. See: (it uses the FT232H chip).

    On page 8 of this manual it says that it has a DTR# pin. I connected this pin thru a transistor to invert it and connected it to the /RES pin of the LCD. the Tx and Rx are connected to the Rx and Tx respectively (no inverting).

    The UM232H module is recognized by the Windows 7 host.

    But when putting power on the LCD, it stays black. Even after running the pmmc-loader or DISP tools.

    Did I do something wrong?

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    Well it does say:-

    "Warranty Note: PmmC or 4DGL programming should only be carried out using any one of the 4D Programming modules (4D Programming Cable, uUSB-MB5, uUSB-CE5). Any malfunction because of custom or third party USB to Serial converters or Serial(RS232) to Serial(TTL) level converters will void the warranty."

    The non-4D cables can end up bricking your display.

    If the PmmC loader says it is working and you are not having to 'fiddle' to get it to work you may be ok for now.

    You shouldn't need to use DISP to get the display working, just the correct SGC PmmC.

    Which one are you loading and why do you think it is the correct one?


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      I bought a new uLCD-32PT(SGC), but somehow a wrong PmmC file was present on that display (see other thread on this forum).
      So I needed to download the correct one.

      I inverted the DTR signal and now it works. So I guess 'I'm ok for now'.