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camera is over...???

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  • camera is over...???

    I was doing some tests with the camera (i send a post today) and this morning I can not manage to dial with the camera...

    I check the power supply with my voltmeter :no problem and directly to the card (+4.98 no short circuit)
    I check the cable with RS232 no problem also...

    I do not know if it is possible to make an other test...

    Sync [AA 0D 00 00 00 00] Response missingSync failed, is uCam connected?
    I can of course buy another but I am a little surprised and confused about the quality of the camera.... and i am a little affraid because I have to put this camera in hard environnement (-20 C)

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    Hmm, I presume that is with the demo program?

    Maybe the baud rate is not right? Some PCs force 'fixed' baud rates that can only be changed in device manager on RS232 ports.

    If the 'last' communication was 'incomplete' you often have to power cycle the camera before you can talk to it again.

    Other than that, maybe check the wiring again?


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      no problem with baud rate unfortunattely, for the wiring it is ok for me...
      the card is a little hot but I di not not know if it is normal...

      about your power cycle? What does it mean?Could you give me more information about that?
      I switch off my power supply and after that I switch on with none results...

      It is really surprising because camera does not move during my tests , just lots of communication ...


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        Power cycle.

        Yeah, turn it off and then on again.

        Sorry, can't think of anything else


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          i think I will buy an other...Do you think there is a warranty with this kind of instrument ?

          I don't know if you see my previous post but I wanted to know how to read an image with 16 bit color? I try with matlab without success...

          thanks you again!


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            Should be a warranty, contact support at 4dsystems dot com dot au

            Sorry, I'm not familiar with matlab and/or the technique you are using, was hoping someone else might have been able to help


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              hum ok ...
              But my question was really simple. It was to know if you have already beable to read data coming from the camera with a resolution of 16 bits color 80x60...

              I have these data but I can not manage to open the file to see the picture...



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                It's simply a stream of pixels as per the datasheet.

                If I try and convert it to a picture I end up eith the attached Attached files


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                  In my side, I manage to obtain the picture in gray scale not with the color...

                  Could I ask you how you manage to open my data??? with which software do you get the picture ???

                  thanks again!


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                    Hmm, well I don't really, I just create an image 80x60, read each byte, convert it from 565 color to 888 color and put it into the next pixel (top/left to bottom/right).

                    When it's finished I can either view it or save it using 'standard' routines, as a bitmap, jpeg or whatever.


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                      Great !!!!!!!!
                      thanks for your help

                      The final code working under matlab:

                      f = fopen('ucam.dat','r'); %part_corr = fread(f, 81*60, 'ubit16','ieee-be');im=fread(f, [80, 60], '*uint16', 'ieee-be');fclose (f); imgR = uint8((255/31)*bitshift(bitand(im,63488),-11)); %# Red componentimgG = uint8((255/63)*bitshift(bitand(im,2016),-5)); %# Green componentimgB = uint8((255/31)*bitand(im,31)); %# Blue componentimshow(imgRGB)