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uVGA-II reset problem

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  • uVGA-II reset problem


    Iâm new to this forum. I have 3 uVGA modules programmed with the same PmmC (SGC mode) and header file modified using DISP Tool. They are equipped with 2Gb uSD card (FAT formatted) loaded with the same files (a script and a raw image file converted with Graphic Composer).
    My system needs to reset uVGA module after power-on too.
    One uVGA has a PICASO-A 1134UJ6 chip and it works fine, while the other two uVGA have a PICASO-A 1149YSJ chip and both have had the same problem.

    At power-on uVGAs showed the splash screen, then it was no more possible resetting them by means of RESET pin. So I decided to check signals with the oscilloscope. RESET input at the PICASO chip was ok. When I moved the probe to LCD_RESET line from PICASO to SSD1963 then uVGA started to reset properly. Soldering a 10k pulldown resistor on LCD_RESET solved problem on my uVGAs. I think there is a different hardware configuration inside PICASO chip about LCD_RESET pin probably. Whatâs your opinion?

    Best Regards,

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    The two different Picaso chips are from different batches, but are otherwise internally identical.

    It's more likely there is a short somewhere on the boards, although both are the same remains a mystery.

    Please contact support at 4dsystems dot com dot au with a view to getting these boards replaced.


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      Thank you for your reply.
      I'm going to contact support today.
      Best Regards,