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µOLED-96-G2(GFX) not displaying anything

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  • µOLED-96-G2(GFX) not displaying anything

    I am trying to set up the GFX version of the OLED-96-G2 to run in stand alone mode. When i received it it was scrolling default text on power up.

    I loaded the uOLED-96-G2GFX-R22.PmmC

    at this point I can not get anything on the display. Not even a line of text will display.

    #platform "GOLDELOX-GFX2"

    // Program Skeleton 1.0 generated 9/14/2012 1:44:17 PM

    #inherit "4DGL_16bitColours.fnc"

    #inherit ""

    #inherit ""

    // Label1 1.0 generated 9/14/2012 2:04:57 PM
    txt_FGcolour(WHITE) ;
    txt_BGcolour(BLACK) ;
    gfx_MoveTo(15, 23) ;
    putstr("TEST 12345") ;

    My intention is to run a video in a repeat loop whenever the module is just powered on.

    what may I be doing wrong ? I have had no problems with the 144, 128, and 160 modules ...

    thanks very much !


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    Is this your first attempt at using GFX?

    Just wondering if you are missing the 'repeat forever' at the end of the program?

    IF you have used GFX before you will notice the 'splash' is just 3 lines of green in the top left corner that blank our after a couple of seconds.

    If you are still having problems, try loading the PmmC again


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      I have used GFX successfully with other 4d oled and lcd screens. I have the repeat / forever at the end. The code compiles with 0 errors or warnings.

      I do not get any splash screens, txt, nothing ... not a pixel comes on. I have also several times reloaded the PmmC.

      I had actually returned my first OLED-96 for an exchange thinking it was broken. The only time i ever saw anything on the screen was when it saw powered up with the SCG sw that came with it. The GFX PmmC loads successfully, but I to be able to do something with it now

      thanks !



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        What if you put the SGC PmmC back?


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          I just tried that. It loads successfully, however still completely blank screen. I loaded GFX back on, and still same problem also. I know the display works because before i loaded the GFX PmmC the first time, it was running the default splash it comes programed with.. Also, this is my second one like this , so i think i can pretty much rule out the hardware .

          thanks !



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            has anyone else had a problem running these ? I have reloaded both PmmC types over and over, and I get nothing ..



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              How are you powering the display?

              If using an MB5 or a programming cable, have you upped the available current?

              Can you measure the 5v rail close to the display connector?

              Can you use a different power source? (different computer even)


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                Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I found the issue was actually another piece of faulty hardware . Several subsequent screen had no problem ...



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                  i have something of the same problem. im writing to the oled with uC of microchip. the screen saver text does not stop scrolling.
                  do i need to write something to make it stop?
                  does any one has a code example that i can use ?
                  is there a sequence that i need to do in order to make it work ?



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