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mUSB-CE5 problems

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  • mUSB-CE5 problems

    We use the mUSB-CE5 as a serial converter for a data logger in a test equipment for engines. All works well except when an interference is created: starting the engine, switching on/off the electric motor of the ventilator,etc. In this moment if the data logger is transmitting information to the PC the USB link is lost and no information is received by the PC. Disconnecting the mUSB from the equipment and connecting again recovers the communication, but unfortunately the test must be restarted again. Any suggestion to avoid this situation?

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    Since I have no idea of your environment all I can suggest is improving the isolation of your MB5's power supply


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      The mUSB is connected to a microcomputer board for the RX,TX and GND signals. The USB port is connected to a PC with Windows XP. The +5 Volts are provided from the PC. You mean to improve isolation on the PC power supply?


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        Like I said I have no idea of your environment.

        How is the PC supplied with power? If it's from 'the engine' (see don't even know what that is) does it work if simply powered from batteries?


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          Sorry for the explanation. The engine is an internal combustion engine to test. No relation is between the engine and the PC. The PC is supplied from mains AC 220V. and the microcomputer has its own power supply connected to the same mains. Some sensors like pulse generator, temperature sensors, etc. installed at the engine, are connected to the microcomputer that collects and process all the information generated from the sensors and sends it to the PC using the mUSB converter.


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            Hmm, that makes me just want to ask for a circuit.

            Are you sure it's 'only' the MB5 that's locking up?

            And again, don't think we will get very far without that circuit


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              Please find attached the block diagram and a detail of the schematics showing the connection to the mUSB.
              Confirmed "only" then mUSB is locked because disconnecting from the PC and connecting again we can recover the comms.

              Attached files test.pdf (82 KB)


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                How close is the 'electronics' to the ignition system? Can it be moved further away?

                Where is the 'earth' on the CE5 connected? Could a better connection be needed?

                Of course disconnecting and reconnecting the CE5 might just be resetting a problem elsewhere (eg windows stopped talking to the CE5 for some reason)

                Can you measure any extreme voltage pulses on the RX / TX lines to GND (at CE5 end)?


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                  The electronics is 1 to 1,5 meter from the ignition system. It can not be moved.
                  There is no earth connection in the CE5.
                  The voltage of the TX/RX lines to GND is 5 volt.