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Read Text from .TXT file and print on screen

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  • Read Text from .TXT file and print on screen

    Hello, does anyone have a short bit of code to do this? I saw some earlier topics but they seemed to used some undefined commands. Is there any standard for this?

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    Undefined commands? Do you mean the topics you saw were for Picaso and you need a Goldelox equivalent?

    For Goldelox you would use media_ReadByte()

    Maybe have a look at the Visi StringsDemo


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      what does media_ReadByte() do?

      I do need a Goldelox equivalent, do you have any sample code? When I look in the STRINGSDEMO folder, I see no files.


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        media_ReadByte reads a byte from the uSD card, it works on Goldelox.

        Haven't you got the internal functions manual?

        Load the program, its in the Goldelox 4d-Visi folder, you don't open the .imgdata folder

        It includes, but run the demo first before you look in that .inc file


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          I do not see a PrintDiskGoldelox demo, nothing with that name in the 4D-VISI folder.

          I really just need the code to allow me to read from a .TXT file. Is this available in one particular file?


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            In the Goldelox 4d-Visi folder there is a sample program called StringsDemo.4dg inside that program is a routine by the name of

            You must, hopefully, know that Goldelox does not have file access, so all access to files is by accessing RAW disk, so there is no way you can read from a .txt file.

            That's why you need to look at the demo, so you can understand how data can live on a uSD and how you can acess it in Goldelox