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some questions about UCam

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  • some questions about UCam

    hello every one.
    I want to stsrt a project using ucam ttl interface and i have some questions about it.
    1- I want to perform online streaming from the camera to wifi module with resolution 320*240 and 10 fbs(frames per second), I know from datasheet that I can obtain 320*240 resolution but what about frame per second

    2- also I need to store the images and videos on SD card from this camera if the image size 320*240 and 10fps what is the expected time I need to store in SD card when I use 16 bit controller with 8mhz frequancy

    I really need urgent response about these points so please if any one know some thing can help me I'd appreciate his urgent response

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    What you are trying to do, assuming you are working with a RAW image is limited by basic math.

    320(x) * 240(y) * 2 (assuming 16bit color) * 10(fps) = 1,536,000 bytes per seconds

    Multiply this by 10 to get the baud rate required and you need a bit over 15 mega baud.

    Of course the device cannot do this baud rate, and I doubt your WiFi module can either.

    And this calculation is purely theortical, it doesn't take into accound the time it takes the camera to actually take the picture, the command overheads, command latency, etc.

    Of course it should be immediately apparent that 2 is totally out of the question.

    So, will it be better to work with jpeg images (or were you already talking about jpeg)? The data required to be transferred will be higher, but a) the camera takes time to compress the image, negating much of the reduced data improvement, b) the extra protocols involved add extra latency and c) you wont be able to display the image 'on the way' unless you have a processor with some real grunt.


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      hi everyone,
      i want to take a video and store it in sd controller support maximum baud of this rate the camara took 2.5 sec to get one picture.i tested with ucam demo software.i want to know how to achive streaming video from ucam at this rate.