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Physical drive lock failed while creating GCI

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  • Physical drive lock failed while creating GCI


    I am trying to write to a uSD card with the same file I have already written to a number of other cards without issue.

    For some reason now (on any card I try) I am getting an error message that says "Pysical drive lock failed, do you have this drive open in a disk editor?" (Physical is spelt incorrectly in the error message)

    Any ideas?

    Win7 x64 system

    Build Type: SGC -uSD Raw
    Sector offset: 0

    Very small files: Approx space required 617.50KB

    I have tried running as Admin and compatibility mode for XP SP3 with no difference?


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    Have you previously used the same OS?

    What about your AV product, has that changed? (can you try after temporarily disabling it).

    What about explorer? Does it work with explorer closed?

    What about the question, do you have this drive open in a disk editor?

    What if you try a sector offset other than 0?


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      Thanks for the reply. Think I have it sorted now? I believe it may be the card reader I am using has failed?
      I have previously used the exact same PC/uSD/files with no problems. I even made a couple of cards a few days ago without fault. Nothing changed between uses.
      I have another machine I can use in the mean time, but will look at a new card reader and go from there.

      If it still has problems with a new card reader I will reply again to this topic, but otherwise I think all is well