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4d Visi Example not work

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  • 4d Visi Example not work

    Hello im from Germany and try out the example Metergauge from 4dvisi examples
    Iam new on this language!
    Is there an Howto for 4d visi for my oled 128 G1 to work?
    im open the example and get an Failure

    This is the failure where i get:

    Error: only a simple assignment using ':=' is allowed for globals (line 5 column 5 file:METERGAUGE.4DG)
    Error: undefined symbol 'iMeter1H' (line 5 column 18 file:METERGAUGE.4DG)
    Error: bad (word) expression for for variable assignment (line 6 column 5 file:METERGAUGE.4DG)
    Warning: constant exceeds 16 bit value, truncated (line 7 column 1 file:METERGAUGE.4DG)
    Error: missing semi-colon, got #platform #platform (line 7 column 1 file:METERGAUGE.4DG)
    Fatal error: errors in first pass(1), can't continue

    Are this example not working for me or what is wrong
    Thanks for Help
    Cheers Tom

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    That is so weird.

    If you just open the sample it should compile. The messages you are getting have no relevance to the sample in question.

    Can you post a screencopy at the time you get the error so we can see what is open?


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      Hello the failure arrives if i try to compnload

      "Compile Failed ,download not done"

      After them i get the failure error shown in post before

      Im helpless need this application to work for my project!


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        Can you post a screencopy at the time you get the error so we can see what is open?
        We cannot see over your shoulder, we cannot produce what you say you are seeing, please post a picture / screenshot or something so that we might have a chance of figuring out what is going on.


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          Hello the sample is working now im so happy
          I am reinstalled the Workshop and the visifiles inserted and reopened it and the sample is working!!!
          Im opened an terminal and send 55 and then it is working !
          Is this the right way or an whole false way to operate it?


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            This is just a sample, the meter loops through a display of random numbers, there is no serial communication in it.

            Perhaps it's time to start reading some manuals?