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  • Display part of image

    I'm using a uLCD-43PT in SGC mode. I'd like to be able to scroll a icon onto the screen, but if I call up an image from the SD card at a negative x coordinate, the "off the screen" part of the image appears below and to the right of the image. And if I display a icon so far to the right that some of it is off the screen then that part simply wraps and appears at the left.

    I'm also going to be wanting to implementing a scrolling list. It would be really nice if there was some way to use a "clipping window" but I don't see a command for this. Or is it possible to write outside the screen somehow and then use copy-paste to display a part of the image where-ever I wish?



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    Much of what you are tring to do can only be achieved using GFX.

    But that doesn't mean you can try and think outside the box.

    For example if you were to create a 'movie' of your Icon moving onto the screen you could display that using SGC.

    For the scrolling screen you may be ablt to use cut and paste to effect the scroll in SGC, it would depend on exactly what you are trying to achieve.