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Touch screen of uLCD43PT

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  • Touch screen of uLCD43PT

    - uLCD43PT resistive
    - controller AR1020
    - software

    Good morning,
    i have problems with the calibration of the touch screen uLCD43PT using the software "ART1020_touch_calibration" and therefore i read the data sheet of the AR1020 and the software uesd for the calibration.
    Since the I2C bus is used, the AR1020 uses the signal SDO to communicate when it is "ready" (pin 6 SIQ is not read from Picaso) which becomes the signal "CT_INT" (page 22 of schematic uLCD43).

    This signal is connected to pin 48 of Picaso GFX2, while the file "" refers to pin 16:
    * constant SIQ_PIN # 16 / / pin definition for AR1020 SIQ pin (HI When data ready)
    * while (pin_Read (SIQ_PIN) == 0) / / wait for device ready

    the pin 16 is the data D0 for the Picaso GFX2.

    It 'correct??

    Max - Italy

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    Are you using the program from this post:

    I just used it about a month ago on the same display, and it worked great for me...... What version of PMMC do you have installed?
    Best Regards,


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      Yes i'm using this tools for the calibration, the Pmmc is the 3.0 or 3.1 or 3.2.

      To recalibrate the touch screen correctly was necessary to init the EEPROM configuration of AR1020 with the default value: this was done by a writing of a value 0xFF in the location 0x00 of the EEprom and power off.
      After this procedure the touch works fine !

      But i found a error in the code of tha file
      the programs check the pin 16 for the ready state

      * #constant SIQ_PIN 16 // pin definition for AR1020 SIQ pin (HI when data ready)
      * while(pin_Read(SIQ_PIN)==0); // wait for device ready
      instead of pin 48.

      Max Italy