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ulcd32pt power issue?

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  • ulcd32pt power issue?

    Hi, if my screen is powered via USB port of my computer, everything is working fine. But if it's powered by my ChipKit board (giving +5V), or the screen can't load the SD car or the screen picture get corrupted after few seconds (pictures colours are going down).

    What can be the reason? I would expect that if screen get enought power to startup it will execute program as expected...

    I'm running PMMC 3.2, same issue with 3.1 (don't remember previous version before 3.1, I think it was runing on a 2.7 without issue).

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    Your ChipKit board is obviously not supplying enough current. The board I looked at seemed capable, although I have no idea of the sort of supply you are powering the ChipKit with.

    SD cards add to the power required, and SD cards are more sensitive to the power supply capaibility than the rest of the display.

    So if the SD card is missbehaving your power suppply is almost certainly insufficient.


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      I was expecting a similar issue. I was using the gnd and +5v output of the ChipKit Max32 output, because of this issue I have added an external power supply to power up the chipkit (9v) but the issue is still there.
      In a way it's good, that means my screen is fine but the bad point is a new power part to be added to my circuits.

      Thank's again for fast and clear answers!