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GC Feature Request (psuedo cross post)

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  • GC Feature Request (psuedo cross post)

    I posted this in another forum, but perhaps it is more appropriate here since it relates to the Graphics Composer software. I am wondering if it would be possible to add a block at the bottom of the GC output text file, specifically for 4DGL users. This block would be cut and pasted into the users application. Snip from previous thread begins:

    Perhaps a more streamlined approach would be to have GC create (at the end of the .txt file, a data block that could be cut and paste into the 4dgl application for the image data.....

    word ID_SectorHigh // Indexed array for Image Sector High Address
    0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000

    word ID_SectorLow // Indexed array for Image Sector LowAddress
    0x1000, 0x112D, 0x125A, 0x1387

    Then for image #1 you would:

    where, obviously, image index is the image you want to show. This of course means that the order the images are loaded into GC is important. To overcome this, what if GC also produced a block of constants, where the constant name is the (unique) filename loaded into GC, and it's value is its index into the data block?

    // Set GC Image constants - Generated by GC
    #constant GC_SCREEN1.BMP 0 //Don't know if constant can have .?
    #constant GC_SCREEN2 1 //Perhaps just drop the extension?
    #constant GC_SCREEN3BMP 2 //Or drop the .?
    #constant GC_SCREEN4_BMP 3 //Or replace . with _

    If you were to rearrange the images in GC, then the constant names would not change, just their references, and of course the corresponding data block. But if you modify your image list or sequence, then it would be just a simple cut and paste of the new block into your code......

    then use:

    Thanks for your consideration........
    Best Regards,

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    Was this ever done? It would be extremely helpful.....


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      Hmm, well, GC is supposed to be obsolete, plus the order of elements in GC is already decided by you yourself and can be changed by dragging things around.

      When you use ViSi to generate grapical objects a table is created in object order.

      If you want to have a different table in a specific order, then all you need to do is create a #DATA statement with the objects in the order you want them in and use the #DATA and index as opposed to the names, if that makes sense.