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  • Icon/image shifted


    I m trying to use a colection of icons to create a battery gauge to be used on a uOLED160 SGC display.
    The icons I ve created are 25 pixel wide x 11 pixel high.
    I then use Graphic Composer; I add all the icons, create the file and store it in the SD card directly plugged into the PC.
    When I use the 0x40 0x49 display image command, the icon is shifted towards the right by few pixel so the end of the picture is actually displayed on the front. Please see the (bad quality) attachments with the original icon (multiplied by 4) and the screen output. I tried in PNG and BMP with the same result. No matter which icon a choose in the collection (different SD sector offset) I always get the same shift. What I m doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

    Eric Attached files

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    Looks like you've got the sector address wrong.

    Can you show the commands you have used and the txt files created by GC?


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      Oooops, when reading more carefully the output of the TXT file I realised I was using the wrong build option.
      I had the "4DGL, SGC Picasso" option selected instead of "SGC - uSD Raw".
      Apologies and thank you again. Congratulations for your extremely responsive support :-)!