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Arduino and uCAM sync

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  • Arduino and uCAM sync

    Hello, I connected an Arduino MEGA with the uCAM and I am having diffuculties syncing the camera with the Arduino MEGA. I also have a couple of questions. I connected the Rx of the Arduino to the Rx of the uCAM and the Tx of the Arduino to the Tx of the uCAM 1) Is it ok to connect the Arduino MEGA directly to the uCAM or do I need a RS-232?2) I connected the uCAM Rx to the Arduino Rx and the uCAM Tx to the Arduino Tx and I was able to receive from the uCAM the ACK command and the SYNC command. When I reversed the the wires ( uCAM Rx to Arduino Tx and uCAM Tx to Arduino Rx) I also received data, is that suppose to happen or not?3) When I send the SYNC commad from the Arduino do I need to send it 0xAA0D000000 or do I send it from the LSB 0x000000D0AA?4) When I send the SYNC comand from the Arduino I receive from the uCAM a 12 Byte number (it is not the ACK command) and then I receive the SYNC comand number but in that order 0xAAD0000000, is that how I should receive it?

    Thank You

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    1) Depends on whether the Arduino and/or the uCAM are RS232, they must match. From other things you have said I suspect they already do match

    2) You connect TX to RX and RX to TX, it can't work any other way (and I'm surprised you way you see anything when connected the wrong way around)

    3) 0xAA gets sent first

    4) Look at the Datasheet, the ACK is immediately followed by the SYNC, so thats why you get 12 bytes. Check your code, you need to allow for that