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    Nice!! I rely really appreciate this tutorial. In my opinion guys like me that love this stuff but no have any study about programming but have some knowledge, like a lot of people working whit arduino in this days whit a idea that anyone have, appreciate explaining like this, is really helpful for growth your community growth the possibility for make better and better stuffs whit simple devise, attracts new people. make your products more friendly , and turn this stuff in a really nice hobby, that is good for enthusiast kids and adult like me in this really large world of tecnologic. So a tutorial focuses in a really poor knowledge mind is really really helpful, and a interesting way to learn.I love the way arduino inventor think, i honest im here thanks to arduino community a lots of tutorial videos, really nice explained . Sorry for the pressure i put in this post, i only want to find the way to make this run faster if this exist and yes no i know here is a way to make thinks run faster in lcd. The Smrt way is really fast jehe nice nice!! i not clear understand how work,but i going to make some try this week whit a litter bigger gauge for the use i want . . In my lcd Lrge Image and Small Image run 1/2 of the speed if i compare whit the result in your board, my board is ok??

    Thanks for your time!!
    And sorry for my english!! is no really good.

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      In my lcd Lrge Image and Small Image run 1/2 of the speed if i compare whit the result in your board, my board is ok??
      I'd be pretty sure the board was OK, expecially since the fully drawn speeds are comparable.

      Two things to check

      1. The fragmentation of the uSD card. Although I wouldn't have thought you could get it 'fragmented enough' to slow it down that much. What's its capacity?
      2. The card itself. The SPI read speed of uSD cards does vary a bit, but I've never seen one that varies that much.

      I'll try with a 43PT and a few different uSD cards soon


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        On a 43pt using a 'slow' uSD card (64mb) I get 54 (to your 66). On a 'faster' uSD card (2gb) I get 76.

        That doesn't mean you need to rush out and buy some 'high speed' cards. This is because the speed of the SPI interface on the cards is not related to the speed of the SD interface on the cards (an it is the SD interface speeds that are 'advertised')

        However, I have a better fix.

        Comment out these lines in your/my program

        Transparency processing is very slow on the 43PT, it's not used for this code so turning it off will give you a significant speed increase.


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          Thanks!! i going to try. Sorry i not reply, mi internet service not work for the past wheek , i recive inernet today.