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    I have a uOLED-128-G1 running 4DGL.

    I have two wmv video files which are completely separate and different.

    On one I can run it with either media_Video or media_VideoFrame

    On the other it runs ok with media_Video but not media_VideoFrame.

    When the second runs on media_VideoFrame a white wall of death scrolls down rather than the video. It doesn't lock up the display.

    My question is why does one work and not the other ?

    I need to use media_VideoFrame so that I can stop the video at any point.

    Any help welcome.

    I am no video expert .......

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    By the time GC has finished processing the input video there is very little that could cause the problems you are seeing.

    Main thing to check is that the video does not exceed the screen size, or overlap any edges.


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      I will reduce the size of the video and see what happens.

      Don't understand why it would play ok with media_Video and not media_VideoFrame though ?

      Any ideas ?


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        Because the video is writing continuously the 'errors' left on the display due to incorrect sizing could be being erased to quicly to be seen.


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          Tried reducing the video down to 96x64 on my 128x128 display and still have the same issues.

          Please find video attached.

          Any chance you could look at it for me ?

          It plays ok with media_Video but not media_VideoFrame

          I believe the videos were made with Adobe After Effects, and was wondering whether there are some compositions that should be avoided ?

          Tks very much.

          Attached files (62.3 KB)


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            Because DirectX doesn't seem to think 'number of frames' is an important metric GC attempts calculate this by measuring the frame rate (another unimportant metric) of the first few frames and then dividing by the duration. (That's a bit of a simplification, for certain video types some of those metrics are there, it's just you can't rely on them being there)

            For this video it comes up with 913 frames, but the actual number of frames is only 900, so there is 13 'frames' of 'whatever was on the uSD before' at the end.

            So when I play it plays fine until frame 901 and then it starts showing what was there before, for me that just happens to be another video that happened to be the same size. If there was something there of a different resolution it would look really odd.

            Similarly, if I use VideoFrame everything looks great for the first 900 frames and then I get to see what was there before.

            For you the simplest solution should be to change 'end frame' to 899 in GC


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              I guess I knew the limitations by trial and error of the GC.

              If you don't limit the frames to 899 the GC just locks up and the file is not written to the SD card.

              I have a video of what is happening but it is too big to attach.

              I suspect it is something to do with the encoding ????


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                If you don't limit the frames to 899 the GC just locks up and the file is not written to the SD card.
                Hmm, that issue was a while back.

                Download Workshop and try the GC version that installs with it.

                Hopefully then the file generated will be correct.