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uOLED-128-G1 mirror or customized text

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  • uOLED-128-G1 mirror or customized text


    I am currently working on a project that requires a small bright screen to display numbers and a graph (currently using a uOLED-128-G1 arduino shield). I believe OLEDs are the ideal choice for brightness?

    The screen is going to be controlled via a serial-com with an arduino and needs to be able to flip the display's contents vertically and mirrored horizontally (such that the content is visible when the screen is flipped-upside down).

    I have searched the forums and believe that there is generally not a simple a way to do this during SGC runtime. However, I was thinking if it possible to make it appear mirrored by using a imported "mirrored" font.

    Is it possible to implement this mirrored font through SGC or do I need to use the special adapter?
    Also, any recommendations on a similar sized screen with higher brightness characteristics?

    Thank you for your time,

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    Provided you don't mean 'for viewing in sunlight', then yes, OLEDs are probably what you are after.

    To flip the display on the fly you could probably use the $W command, although I can't verify that the current uOLED-128-G1 will flip correctly at the moment.


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      Thank you for the reply,

      In regards to the first comment, I would like anything that is extremely bright as the screen is going to be viewed under high powered lights. So if there is any other options other than OLEDs I'am all ears .

      As for the $W command, what are you referring to?

      Thank you, I appreciate your help


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        If you are viewing under high powered lights you may need a transflective LCD, these are expensive and hard to come by. All I can suggest is that you try an OLED and see what happens.

        The orientation is set within the display's internal driver, so you would use the $W command to write to the display driver's registers directly. Of course the display driver has to support the rotation of the display and not all do.


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          I have been doing some research about accessing the internal register of the driver. Correct me if I'am wrong.

          The uoled-128-g1 uses a SSD1339 ( and in order to rotate the screen I'd have to first select the register with the $W command. I referred to the SSD1339 manual 10.1.5 and the interest is placed in the COM remap (0xA4).

          I am not too sure how I would utilize this value.

          First I would select the register by doing
          0x24 0x57 ____ 0x00 - Selecting register
          0x24 0x57 0xA4 0x01 - Placing new register value

          I am not sure about what should go in that empty slot or if the sequence is correct.

          Thank you,


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            It's just $W, Register, Data (i.e. 4 bytes in a row).

            I think you would want register 0xA0